Darb is a national Internship Program that is implemented in partnership with King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and LOYAC. The program aims to make student more employable through work skills training workshops as well as actual on the job training. Since 2011 darb has trained 6459 students from all governorates of Jordan. 3465 of these trainees were actually placed and completed their internship opportunities. 68% of our students were offered employment opportunities after graduation.

Darb 2 is the second phase of the darb internship program was started in 2015 . Since then 383 internships have been completed.

Darb 2 internships are offered to students who have gone through one darb internship cycle .These internships are either in the students field of study or in the students area of interest or talent.

darb 3 is the last phase of the Darb internship program. This phase was launched in 2016. The aim of this internship is employment. Darb 3 is geared towards students who have completed Darb 2 and are fresh graduates .

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