Community Programs

LOYAC adopts a “Pay it Forward” approach towards its programs; all students that benefit from any LOYAC program must, in return, participate in community service activities. Volunteering provides youths with the opportunity to be engaged citizens and to enhance their interpersonal skills, which in turn will enable them to play a more active role in shaping their own futures.

LOYAC adopts two approaches to community service:

  • Donating time and effort by volunteering at established community centers that currently have existing initiatives.
  • Designing and implementing initiatives, a component which LOYAC highly encourages and places a high emphasis on.
  • Students are encouraged to assess their community needs and thus design projects and initiatives to better serve their communities.

If you would like to take part of this aspect of LOYAC, either for recruiting volunteers or suggesting initiatives that LOYAC students can take part of, please contact

Innovation Camps

In partnership with The Danish Jordanian University Cooperation “DJUCO”, LOYAC launched the Innovation Camp Program which is based on the Danish Innovation lab of method of creative thinking and problem solving.

The aim of these camps is to give students ages 18-24 a chance to practice practical, work-related problem-solving skills. The camps target students from varying governorates throughout Jordan and those enrolled fields of study with limited employment opportunities.